Are Shutters Right for Your Home?

Deciding which window treatment is right for your home can require a lot of consideration. After all, you’ll be seeing them on all of your home’s windows, and so if you decide that you don’t like yours, you’ll still be seeing a lot of them. With that in mind, if you have been considering plantation shutters for your home, Imperial Blind & Shutter in Venice, Florida has some information on Hunter Douglas’s plantation shutters and how they would work best for your home.


Something you might not immediately expect of shutters upon seeing them for the first time is how versatile they are. As Hunter Douglas’s shutters are primarily made of wood, or materials that look like wood, they are very easy to incorporate into any home’s décor. The naturally neutral tones of wood blend seamlessly with furniture and home accessories, and are also available in a broad spectrum of colors, tints, and finishes so that your Hunter Douglas shutters will match your home flawlessly. Shutters are also good for unusually-shaped windows, such as arch-top and circular windows.


Tired of dealing with the lengthy pull-cords of your window treatments? Is your kitten or your toddler constantly fiddling with them? Then shutters might be the perfect window treatment for you. With no cords to speak of, shutters are operated by a rod affixed to the front of the shutters themselves, providing a safe alternative for anyone who has small children, pets, or anyone who doesn’t like the look of cords.


No matter which way you slice it, Hunter Douglas’s shutters are made to last you a while. The Heritance® authentic wood shutters are made via the dovetail construction method, and so are guaranteed to be durable. If you don’t want the maintenance required of authentic wood, there are also the NewStyle® shutters, which are made from a hybrid of wood and manmade materials, giving you the durability and style of the Heritance® shutter without the maintenance of 100% wood. And, if you’re worried about the Florida sun degrading your shutters, there is also the option of the PalmBeach™ shutter, which is made out of Hunter Douglas’s PolySatin™ compound and designed to be resistant to UV light and to stand the test of time.

Do shutters sound right for your home? If so, stop by Imperial Blind & Shutter’s showroom in Venice, Florida to get started on revamping your home’s window treatments! We also proudly serve the greater Venice area.