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Choosing Between Alternative and Genuine Wood Blinds

Life is full of choices. These can be big choices, such as buying a house or a new car, or small choices that happen throughout our days, like what we want to wear or what we want for dinner. There are many choices that we have to make, which is true when it comes to our home décor, and especially true when choosing to bring wooden blinds into your home.

Choosing between alternative and real wood blinds, Hunter Douglas Parkland® Wood Blinds near Venice, Florida  (FL)

Choosing between all the options of wooden blinds can be challenging. From all the different kinds, grains, textures, and stains, to entirely natural or fully synthetic options.  Fortunately, we are here to break down the differences and help you decide which option is best for your home. Read on to learn more.

Genuine Wood Blinds

There is no denying the beauty of real wood blinds. The natural greens within the slats create warmth in any room, while the wood blinds develop a sense of timelessness throughout your home. This is especially true when you choose our Hunter Douglas Parkland® Wood Blinds. Made with rich, authentic wood, these genuine wood blinds are available in various slat sizes, colors, paint, and stain finishes to create a look that you love at each window. Parkland® Wood Blinds are also harvested from responsibly managed forests, meaning that for every Parkland® blind purchased, Hunter Douglas donates the Arbor Day Foundation®.

However, these natural wood blinds require occasional upkeep and should not be placed in rooms with excessive heat and humidity, such as kitchens or bathrooms. If you want to put these blinds in these areas, then alternative wood blinds might be best for you when choosing between alternative and real wood blinds.

Alternative Wood Blinds

Offering all of the beauty of genuine wood blinds without any upkeep, our Hunter Douglas EverWood® Alternative Wood Blinds are promised never to fade, yellow, warp, or bow. This makes them perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, sunrooms, or rooms that have heavy foot traffic. Available with realistic wood grain finishes and a variety of warm wooden colors, these blinds will never look fake.

Of course, it is always hard to mimic the real thing. If your heart is set on natural wood blinds and you understand the upkeep that comes with them, then alternative wood blinds may not be the option for you when choosing between alternative and real wood blinds. You can also have a mix of open and alternative wood blinds throughout your home, depending on the needs of each room!


To learn more about choosing between alternative and real wood blinds, be sure to contact or visit us today at Imperial Blind & Shutter. We are located in Venice, Florida, and proudly serve the surrounding area.