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Does Your Home Need Blackout Shades?

Shades are excellent for transforming harsh light into a beautiful glow. However, there are times when our current shades are not doing enough in certain rooms. For example, do you ever find yourself frustrated over the glare coming in through your windows and disrupting your movie night? Or how you can’t get decent sleep as a third-shift worker because the sun is constantly streaming through, even with the shades closed? Or perhaps bright street lights, the moon, or car headlights rob you of your best sleep. Regardless of the case, large or trace amounts of light can disrupt your evenings and mornings. Fortunately, room-darkening and blackout shades from Hunter Douglas are here to help. Learn the benefits and see if your home needs these window treatments.

Does Your Home Need Blackout Shades?, Hunter Douglas blackout shades near Venice, Florida (FL)

Benefit 1: Superior Light Blockage

The difference between regular shades and blackout shades or room-darkening shades is the amount of light they prevent entering your home. Regular shades or sheers transform light, whereas blackout shades and room-darkening shades prevent much light from coming in. For those who sleep during the day and work at night, this means that the sun will not stream in and keep you up. For our movie watchers, you no longer have to worry about glare once you hang these shades in your media room. And for our night sleepers, gone are the nights of trace amount of artificial or natural lighting coming into your home, and in are the nights of deep, restful sleep. For unparalleled room-darkening, consider the Hunter Douglas LightLock® blackout system available with various Hunter Douglas shades.

Benefit 2: Compatible with Automation

If you like waking up to natural light, do not let that deter you from blackout shades! Since many Hunter Douglas blackout shades and room-darkening shades are compatible with PowerView® Automation from Hunter Douglas, you can schedule your shades to open and close at a particular time. This allows you to enjoy darkness when you sleep and natural light as your shades automatically lift every morning at the same time. You can adjust your shades without getting up from the couch, our media room lovers. Use your smart device, Pebble® Control, or even your voice to adjust or close your shades.

Benefit 3: Save Energy

Did you know that a majority of our home’s energy escapes through our windows? That is why rooms might feel cold in the winter and hot in the summer despite you cranking up the heat or AC. Fortunately, thick blackout shades can help insulate your home and help you save energy. Additionally, closing these shades during those hot summer days can help keep your home cool while you are away. After all, no one likes walking into a home that feels like a sauna! Blackout shades will keep your space comfortable all year by preventing heat penetration and air leakage.

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