Your Options for Hunter Douglas Horizontal Blinds

It’s no surprise that many of us grew up in homes that had horizontal blinds installed. They’re versatile, simple, and come in a wide variety of styles. It would be harder to find a décor style that horizontal blinds didn’t match than to find ones that do. But still, even with something as seemingly simple as horizontal blinds, there are still a bevy of options to consider. If you find that you want to install Hunter Douglas horizontal blinds in your home but you’re not sure which style is right for you, let the experts at Imperial Blind & Shutter in Venice, Florida tell you a little about your options.

Parkland® Scenic™

Hunter Douglas’s Parkland® blinds are all made out of authentic wood. The Scenic™ line in particular is designed to update the traditional look of wooden horizontal blinds by painting or staining them in contemporary neutral tones, such as white, grey, and brown.

Parkland® Classics™

As with the Scenics™ line, the Parkland® Classics™ are made out of authentic wood, but this line is all about luxury rather than slick modernity. Stained in deep, rich wood tones and bright white, these are the blinds you think of when you think of horizontal blinds.

Parkland® Textures

The Textures line is made out of a brand-new species of wood known as the abachi. This gives the Textures blinds a totally unique look, combining the abachi’s idiosyncratic grain with a modern matte finish.

Parkland® Weathered

Like the Textures line, the Weathered blinds are also made out of abachi wood, which are then given an artificially weathered look by being brushed with a wire-bristled brush. These are a great choice for anyone trying to achieve a rustic look for their home.

EverWood® TruGrain®

Love the look of real wood, but don’t love the maintenance or the price point? Then Hunter Douglas’s EverWood® collection might just be for you. The TruGrain® line strives to mimic the beauty of real wood, and does so fabulously.

EverWood® Distinctions™

The Distinctions™ blinds have the same durability and quality of the TruGrain®, but rather than attempting to replicate the grain of wood, they are painted in gorgeous, versatile neutral tones, including white and cream.

EverWood® Renditions™

If you want variety from your alternative wood blinds, then Renditions™ are a fantastic option for you. There are options for both wood grain patterns and neutral whites from the Renditions™ line, making them both very versatile and incredibly durable.

Natural Elements™

The Natural Elements™ blinds are for homeowners who don’t want to sacrifice luxury with their aluminum blinds. Natural Elements™ blinds come with a matching wooden valance, so that you can still bring a piece of nature into your home with your aluminum blinds.


Of all of Hunter Douglas’s aluminum blinds, the Lightlines® line comes in the widest array of colors and finishes, as well as a choice of ½” and 1” slats.


The Décor® blinds are for the fashion-forward homeowner who wants their aluminum blinds to be just as stylish as the rest of their home. Décor® blinds come with a chic, contoured headrail so that your windows will be just as fashionable as you are.


If you want variety from your window treatments in a price point that makes your budget happy, then Celebrity® blinds are for you. They are offered in a broad spectrum of colors and have a simple, modern look.

Do you feel sufficiently educated about what your options are for Hunter Douglas horizontal blinds? If you’ve made your choice or you still have questions, contact Imperial Blind & Shutter in Venice, Florida today to order a set of Hunter Douglas horizontal blinds for your home. We also proudly serve the greater Venice area, including Rotonda West, Venice, North Port, Englewood, Bradenton, Port Charlotte, Myakka City, Punta Gorda & surrounding cities.